Financial Care Plan

Life comes at you fast.  Sometimes, it will cost you everything you/ve spent years earning and accumulating.  The only way to stop the bleeding before it starts is to be prepared.  The MyCare Plan is a comprehensive package including everything

Financial Protection Plan

The FES Protection Plan is a multiproduct program which encompasses all of our unique financial products. Unlike any other financial service on the market, the FES Protection Plan is designed to cover all aspects of your financial portfolio. You can

Business Opportunity

    Business Opportunity A Limitless Lifestyle With an Endless Business Opportunity In a perfect world, we’re all in control of our own business. We control how much money we make, how much time we spend on the clock and

Take The Financial Literacy Challenge

Financial Literacy Challenge

Are you financially literate and responsible?

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What Our Real Estate Retail Clients are Saying …

I have been using the credit restoration service for several years and it has been very beneficial to my clients. I had numerous clients who found their dream home but we couldn't get them in it due to their low credit score. Then I referred them to your services and I've been able to write contracts with clients as early as 43 days from enrollment in this amazing and very affordable credit restoration program. It feels great to know there's an option and a solution for my clients. Thank you UCES for helping me increase my annual income while making my clients very happy!"

Valery P. Jennings, Realtor, Century 21 Trademark Greenbelt, MD

If you don't plan your financial future you plan to fail everyone whose depending on you for their future.

You owe it to yourself to get the tools you need to become financially responsible. Generational wealth is not something that just happens's an intentional plan that's followed for generations.

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