$100,000 Available To Start Or Expand Small Businesses

The Small Business Development Initiative (SBDI) offers a minimum of $100,000 to assist small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs for starting and growing small businesses.

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), two primary reasons for small business failure is a lack of business planning and inadequate access to business credit and funding. The SBDI focuses on these two areas at no cost to qualified participants.

Key benefits of the SBDI:small business loans

  • Access to a minimum of $100,000 in business credit/funding
  • No personal credit check (funding is based upon EIN not SSN)
  • No cost to participate as the SBDI is funded through grants and sponsorships
  • Available for any type of business without regard to location or stage of development (pre-startups are accepted)
  • Professional assistance in business planning and financial management including an assigned Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to advise you in starting/growing your business
  • Turn-key program that is easy to use so you aren’t distracted from growing your business

To find out if you qualify for this innovative SBDI Program for your business or to help us spread the word to entrepreneurs in your community as a Credit Literacy Educator, please CLICK HERE and request additional information.