The 1st Steps is an online, collaborative website inspired by wealth building and real estate experts.  This site was created for those interested in achieving wealth by learning innovative, and proven, wealth building and strategies.  Our research efforts will provide financial freedom enthusiasts and others interested in wealth building disciplines with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to achieve wealth.


To provide those interested in wealth building with the tools, resources, and programs they need to improve their bottom line, promote knowledge sharing, and experience personal growth.  Our focus is on reducing the expenses related to housing, automobiles, credit cards, and improving buying power by increasing cash flow and wealth.

Core Beliefs 

At The 1st Steps, we are driven by our purpose and our core beliefs:

  • We exist to provide programs  for those interested in wealth building at all levels with a diverse array of products.
  • People are our greatest strength.
  • Our customers come first.
  • We always have the long-term in mind.
  • We focus on new debt reduction methods while preserving proven products and programs.
  • Honesty and integrity in all we do.

Building Our Business

At The 1st Steps, we are focused on helping our customers achieve wealth through financial independence.  To do so, we believe that our primary aim is to build great relationships by:

  • Knowing our purpose
  • Embracing the power of “AND”
  • Challenging ourselves to find proven, innovative wealth building programs
  • Developing a unique and inspiring culture
  • Constant trial and error, keeping what works

The 1st Steps was developed by wealth building enthusiasts to provide wealth building opportunities that deliver tangible results. Through constant development, The 1st Steps will grow to become one of the premiere websites on the internet.  We will provide the information you need to improve your bottom line through knowledge of the latest wealth building and debt reduction opportunities that can help you succeed.