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Bankruptcy Removed From Credit Report

Ella had a 3 year old bankruptcy removed from her credit is less than 45 days.   She was part of the mortgage debacle in 2010.  She lost her house due to foreclosure.   To add insult to injury, she filed bankruptcy and did not get to keep the house.

Three (3) Year Old Bankruptcy Removed

The myth is that you can not have a bankruptcy removed if it’s less than 7 years old.   However, the truth is that is happens every day … when you work with the right company.  Ella filed bankruptcy in October 2014 on some bad legal advice, and it was never confirmed:  It was dismissed.  The U.S. Bankruptcy Court public record clearly stated that the bankruptcy was dismissed and the dismissal date.  The bankruptcy was disputed with the big three (3) credit bureaus because it had been dismissed.  The dispute was denied because the information was accurate.  And,  it was also stated that the information would remain on the credit report for 7 – 10 years.

Credit Repair Agency Worked a Miracle

An extensive research on credit repair agencies was conducted.  Then, a comparison of services was conducted.  Finally, prices were analyzed.  As a result, she choose a relatively inexpensive company with a great reputation in December 2016.  The credit repair agency disputed the bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy was removed.    Ella’s credit score went up 60 points almost over night!!!  Ella couldn’t believe her.  The credit repair agency told her to get a free copy of her annual report to be sure it was gone:  It was.

Increase Your Credit Score

Ella’s situation is not unique.  Doing it yourself does not always produce the result you are looking for.  A professional, reputable company with proven results is more like to produce the desired results.   Watch this short video about the credit repair agency Ella joined.  Then,  contact me for a referral.


Bankruptcy Removed From Credit Report