Take Control of Your Life!


Today I made a conscious decision that this year I am going to take control of my life.  I decided that I am going to be intentional about improving this little piece of the universe that’s ME.  My health, my wealth, my spiritual well-being.  Last year was a year of preparation.  This is the year of manifestation.  I’m expecting God to show me that He meant it when He said, “I will make your later days greater than your former days.”

One major thing I’m going to be intentional about examining is my financial stewardship.   Recently I ran into someone throwing around the buzz word “financial literacy”.  It’s not that I’ve never heard it before.  It’s just that I had my own piece of a definition.  In my ignorance, I thought I knew what it meant to be financially literate.

My definition was good credit, save you money, make prudent financial decision, stocks/bonds, retirement program, etc.  Boy did I missed the boat.  I started researching what it means to be financially literate, because I took a Financial Literacy Challenge,  I was amazed at my low score.  We can actually throw away more money than we can develop strategies to make from investments.  Does that mean is you are investment savvy, and, financially literate you could double your money?  WOW!  That’s mind boggling…

Financial Illiterate

Like most of America, I’ve gotten caught in the misinformed about finances trap that people fall into that can cost you thousands of dollars a year.  But that wasn’t an education.  Time appears to heal your mistakes.  Or, does the memory fade when you make it to the other side.  So you keep making the same mistake over and over because you think you have arrived.  This has been my pet peeve for years.  I had bits and pieces of the puzzle, but I didn’t have a clear vision of all the pieces and how they fit together.

I am passionate about being financially literate.  My mama didn’t raise no fool.  However, neither her life experience, my college education, nor my financial counselor provided the nuts and bolts of a real “live it everyday” financial education.  The Financial Literacy Challenge showed me that I was financially illiterate. This is so profound to me that I decided to make it my mission to expose everybody I come into contact with to the perils of being financially misinformed.

God said that if you are a good steward over a little, I will give you much.  I’m getting ready for abundance!



Take Control of Your Life